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Viewing and Accessing Data

SciApps uses CyVerse Data Store for user data management. Besides public and shared data, SciApps can only access data placed in your sci_data folder. Following steps show how this folder can be created.

Browsing/Navigating CyVerse Data Store on SciApps

  1. Log into CyVerse User portal at https://user.cyverse.org.

  2. By default, you will see ‘My SERVICES’. If SciApps is not listed, click ‘AVAILABLE’, then ‘REQUEST ACCESS’.



    Once requested, SciApps will create the sci_data folder in your Data Store home folder. Any data you put in this folder can be used to build workflows. The REQUEST step is one-time operation, and after this, you can log into SciApps directly at https://www.SciApps.org.

  3. If SciApps is listed, click ‘LAUNCH’.


  4. Load any App form by clicking on an App name in the left panel. For any steps that require an input, click ‘or Browse DataStore’ to open the browsing window.


    Click example to browse example data sets used by public workflows (e.g. example data for MAKER below):


    Other tabs include:

    • home: Your CyVerse Data Store (sci_data folder only)
    • shared: Community data shared with everybody
    • Go up: Move up one level
    • Refresh: Reload current folder
  5. Check the checkbox in front the file or folder to use it as input, then close the browsing window.

Accessing Data on SciApps

There are several ways to organize your data, including CyVerse DE, CyberDuck, and iCommands.

  1. Access CyVerse DE at https://de.cyverse.org if you want to use a GUI to upload or download small data. You could also use it to organize or share your data
  2. For bulk data transfer with CyberDuck, here is the information to get started
  3. For command line users, here is the documentation for using iCommands

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