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How can I use CyVerse to teach my students?

You can use CyVerse’s Visual Interactive Computing Environment (VICE) to provide students with a controlled environment in which they can install tools, run analyses, or visual results in a consistent environment.

# Have your students sign up for CyVerse accounts. # In the CyVerse User Portal, navigate to the Requests section and complete the “Atmosphere: Reserving Cloud for Education”. If you do not have the CyVerse account information for all of your students when you complete the form, provide your user name and email to answer those questions. # You will be notified when your class is set up. Note that we cannot provide access to your class ahead of time until we receive the student usernames and emails.

I previously used Atmosphere to run instances for analysis and plotting. Where can I do this work now?

CyVerse’s Visual Interactive Computing Environment (VICE) is the place to run analyses that you previously ran in Atmosphere.

How can I use CyVerse in my course?

DNA Subway (See DNA Subway Guide) is especially useful for teaching gene concepts, phylogenetics, DNA barcoding and RNA-Seq. With a friendly user interface and based on the analogy of multiple subway stops and lines, student learn the basics of computational genomics workflows.

Using containers in DE/VICE is also a great teaching resource. By loading a container with the software tools, datasets, and analysis parameters necessary to run an analysis, containers help overcome many technological hurdles for both learning and teaching informatics.

Can CyVerse give a workshop at my institution?

Funding to support workshop requests is very limited, with priority for trainings at underserved institutions (rural, HBCU/Tribal/Hispanic-serving, etc.). Contact Education, Outreach, and Training Lead Jason Williams (

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