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Collaboration FAQ

How can I get a letter of collaboration for my grant proposal that uses CyVerse?

To request a letter of collaboration, email with the following information: - the CyVerse resources your project will use (e.g., storage, computing power, expertise for scaling, etc.) and indicate if any resulting datasets will be made publicly available in CyVerse - the name of the PI, proposal title, funding agency, and date you need the letter - if there is a template that must be used, please attach to your email

What is an external collaborative partnership and how do I apply?

External Collaborative Partnerships (ECP) pair member(s) of the CyVerse user community with expert CyVerse staff to address the computational needs of a scientific project. Requests are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

The criteria CyVerse uses to review ECP requests are available here: ECP criteria.

To help you complete the ECP application, the questions on the form are listed below.

External Collaborative Partnership Application Questions

See the full list of questions below:

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  • Project Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Institution
  • Collaborating personnel
    • Provide a detailed list of students, technicians, informaticians and/or developers who will be able to assist with project design and implementation, their respective computational science skill sets (e.g., web design, Python, GWAS, etc.), and their specific time commitments during the project (e.g., 1.5 hrs/day).
  • Previous interactions with CyVerse
  • Funding sources
  • Project title
  • Project description
  • Please summarize your proposal’s activities and desired outcomes (500 chars or less)
  • Scientific description
    • Provide a scientific description of your project. Describe how the proposed project is within the scope of CyVerse’s scientific Enablement Vision. Illustrate how any resulting deliverables have the potential to enable science for scientists beyond your immediate network of collaborators.
  • Technical description
    • Provide a technical description of your project. What is the computational need that Will be addressed with assistance from CyVerse? Identify specific potential deliverables to be implemented using CyVerse technologies, such as the Discovery Environment, Atmosphere, APIs, Data Store, Data Commons, etc.
  • Timeline and milestones for completing the project
    • Provide a timeline of specific monthly milestones (deliverables). Projects of short duration (~2 months) should provide weekly milestones.
  • Scientific and technical impact
    • Describe how the success of this collaboration will benefit your project and the broader community.
  • Communication and sharing plan
    • Will the data and/or workflows be made publicly available through CyVerse?
    • Will you be blogging and/or tweeting about the work?
    • Will you be giving a talk about your work at your institution or at a professional conference?
    • Will you be writing a news article for the CyVerse website or newsletter?
    • Will you be preparing a tutorial that uses the datasets or workflows?
    • Will you be leading a workshop(s) or webinar(s) to teach others to use the data or workflow(s)?

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